Specialist Platinum and Palladium Printers

Commissioning a Print from 139 Printroom.

All the prints produced here at 139 Printroom are made by contact printing. This means that the finished print will be the same size as the negative used to make it.

The negative is held in tight contact with the hand-coated paper and exposed under an ultra violet lamp, rather than an enlarger.

If you have used a large format camera to capture your image, 10x8” for example, and therefore have a 10x8” negative, we can produce a 10x8” print directly from it.

If you don’t have a negative the same size as the required print then we can make one for you.

You simply need to supply us with a digital file, tonally balanced to your liking and sized to the required dimensions at 300ppi.

Once the negative has been made, we will produce a test print for you to consider.

On your approval, we will craft your final print.

We also archive your negative and its exposure details so that we can produce any extra prints of that image without further ado.

Please refer to our ‘Prices’ PDF, where you will see the costs of printing and negative production listed separately.

Please expect to pay a 50% deposit on orders over £1000.00.